Say Hello to a Forever Young You

 The experiences that we gain as we age make use see things in a different light. Our priorities expand and change as life goes on and before you know it, you’re at another crossroads in your life. As an adolescent, the biggest problems you had were about fashion, grades and peers. Now, all of those things seem petty in a way especially when you’re biggest concern is aging. 

At this point in your life, you already know that you need to pay special attention to your skin and your appearance. But despite this, you should always keep in mind that the most important thing is to focus on what you feel about yourself. After all, what you feel on the inside reflects on the outside. With this, let us look on some of the things that can help you feel young on the inside AND on the outside. 

Practicing meditation 

The stress of everyday life – work, errands, and the like – can take its toll on your body. These things can draw you further away from the child within you making your body age faster. One way to grab hold of your youth and prevent premature aging is to do regular meditation. Take some time from your busy schedule and just stop and listen to your surroundings. Rid yourself of all the earthly problems you worry about and focus on your inner self. 

Meditation does not require a lot of time. About ten to fifteen minutes a day would do just fine. Consider your meditation time as your personal getaway from the stress of everyday life. 

Having a journal 

Writers keep a journal as a way to inspire them and to keep track of thoughts and other important notes that they can use for when the occasion calls for it. But even if you are not a writer, keeping a journal is a good way to restore youth in a simple and inexpensive manner.  

Consider your journal as an outlet for all the feelings and experiences that you encounter on a daily basis. You do not have to write in it religiously but try to look at it as if you were talking to a dear friend. Sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings through writing can really help loosen you up and get rid of your stress naturally. 

Having some quality “me” time 

There is a saying that states that: “in order to love others, you must love yourself first”. Well, this actually applies to staying young. In order to feel young, you must love yourself and be happy with who you are. Accepting who you are comes from knowing and loving yourself completely and the only way to do this is to have enough time for yourself.  

You do not have to go all out with personal time. It can be something as simple as watching a movie, going to the spa or simply enjoying a cup of tea or cocoa by the fire one Saturday evening – whatever works for you. By doing these things, you will learn to enjoy your own company and love yourself a little more.